Allow Ruby and the Powerpals into your classroom!

Parents and teachers can read the book aloud to children to expand their literacy and comprehension. In time, the children will be able to recite the book, retaining the messages and begin reading it for themselves. The book is written to appeal to learners between the ages of 5 and 8.

Ruby and the Powerpals classroom demonstration

Watch this short video on how to use Ruby and the Powerpals eBook to expand your children's literacy and comprehension of saving electricity.

Did you love Ruby?

Share her with your teacher friends! The more learners who start living efficiently the more power we will save as a country.

It is our aim to get as many teachers across the country using the Ruby eBook, in their classroom to teach their pupils about energy saving, as possible. Please help us to reach out by sharing your teacher friends' email addresses with us, so that they don't miss out!

Your five teacher friends will be finding out about Ruby shortly! Thank you for doing your bit to save energy!